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Press Release: Official Launch of Revolutionary Disinfection Supplier - Bridge Point Clean

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

On May 20th, 2020, Bridge Point Capital partnered with National Restoration, an American fogging disinfection company, to launch a new business – Bridge Point Clean, a sister company providing disinfection services.

Bridge Point Clean offers a new generation of fogging disinfection services and products to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic while meeting daily cleaning needs of hospitals, offices, schools, homes and other spaces.

As the United States reopens, people will need to get back to their workplaces, despite COVID-19 cases keep growing. Under such circumstances, how to ensure safety in all kinds of public spaces has become a controversial issue. Bloomberg recently reports that Amazon is being sued over warehouses after New York worker brings coronavirus home and led to the death of his cousin.

Similar reports and concerns about returning to work have led to the rapid development of the disinfection services and supplies market. According to recent reports released by Allied Market Research, the global disinfection service market is expected to generate 74.3 billion dollars of revenue by 2022, with CAGR at 6.2% between 2016 and 2022.

Being positioned in such a rapidly growing market, Bridge Point Clean aspires to offer revolutionary disinfection services different from competitors. Unlike traditional surface disinfection services such as wiping, we utilize the industry-leading fogging disinfection technology. Here are three highlights of this amazing technology:

  • Wet fogging has been proven far more effective to reach areas that traditional cleaning cannot reach including ventilation systems. Typical cleaning is only effective between 40% and 80%. Actual field tests have shown wet fogging to be 99.99% effective.

  • We use a product that has been approved by the EPA and CDC and tested to kill the COVID-19 coronavirus, other human coronaviruses and many other viruses, fungi and bacteria.

  • There are other companies claiming to kill the virus by using chemical methods, which often require a rinse/wipe after they have been applied. Our disinfecting process allows the surfaces to dry naturally by air within 5 and 10 minutes. Our product is safe, effective, and requires no extra rinsing or wiping (not even on food preparation surfaces). After being disinfected by Bridge Point Clean, buildings can be re-occupied in less than one hour and vehicles in less than 10 minutes, in most cases.

Nadia Tian, the Co-founder of Bridge Point Capital and Bridge Point Clean, spoke on the latest disinfection product line, “Bridge Point Clean is a case of successful combination of high-tech and capital. Our original intention was to enable the disruptive technology to reach the market and serve the public at its fastest speed. With the experience and resources provided by our affiliates National Restoration, we are confident to take a foothold in the market with our industry-leading disinfecting services and products. Amid COVID-19, we also hope our service can help combat the global pandemic. The establishment of Bridge Point Clean is a practice that we hope to help competitive new technologies overcome capital barriers and provide them with business resources through our own efforts. This is also the social responsibility of Bridge Point Capital, its sister company, as a cross-border investor in the field of healthcare.”

About Us:

Bridge Point Clean is a New York based supplier of disinfection services. Our exclusive fogging technology has been certified by EPA, FDA and other authorities in the United States. At present, we are promoting fogging technology to North America, Asia Pacific and Europe. We hope that in the near future, Bridge Point Clean, as a new generation of disinfection service and product supplier, can contribute more to people’s health worldwide.

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