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Realizing the need to disinfect on demand, Bridge Point Clean cooperates with the leading companies in the field, combined with a diverse group of talented professionals, to offer our customers exceptional disinfecting services.

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Bridge Point Capital is a sister company of Bridge Point Clean. As a private equity firm based in New York focusing on cross-border  healthcare investments, Bridge Point Capital is dedicated to discovering and supporting healthcare and life science companies that possess revolutionary technologies to promote human health.

By leveraging their experience and understanding of capital markets and and the healthcare industry, they discover and advise the most excellent teams and enterprises, seeking to build a platform that advance the interests of both healthcare start-ups and investors.


National Restoration® is a disaster recovery company that was founded in the State of New Jersey. With hard work and dedication, it has grown to be one of the largest and most reputable companies with offices servicing customers throughout the US.

Specializing in response, remediation, restoration, and reconstruction of damaged properties, and they have received national recognition for their efforts.

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152 W57th Street, Carnegie Hall Tower, 49th Floor, New York
NY, 10019

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All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained herein is accurate at the time of publishing. Whilst Bridge Point Clean endeavors to ensure the accuracy of the information, we shall not accept liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of person(s) or organizations relying on this information.

Certain links in this Site connect to other websites maintained by third parties over whom Bridge Point Clean has no control. We make no representations as to the accuracy or any other information contained in third-party websites.

We offer disinfecting services and products to ensure a clean and sterile environment for our customers amid COVID-19. However, Bridge Point Clean is not responsible for any infection as a result of human interaction taken place in that environment, as our cleaning services cannot prevent human-to-human transfer.

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